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To hear Lionel/s bedbug horror story, watch the first 3 minutes of this video.

Get rid of these nightmare creatures once and for all.

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You already know (like Lionel in the video discovered) that there are few things that can creep you out as much as bedbugs.

On a trip to Hawaii, I woke up with bite marks all over my body.  It was so bad, I seriously considered cancelling my trip right then and there.  I wanted to get home as fast as I could.

Just the thought of getting back into that bed stressed me out.

I wore as many clothes to bed as I could to try to protect myself even a little bit.

My wife doesn’t like to have the air conditioner on and so going to bed with your clothes on is not the most comfortable feeling.

When I got back from Honolulu, i started researching bed bugs. 

  • How to prevent them. 
  • How to get rid of them.
  • Where do they hide.
  • How fast do they reproduce.
  • How do they travel (they can’t fly).

Here’s the bottom line. 

You need to take immediate action.

Here is a toll-free number you can call for a free bedbug (or any other kind of pest) inspection:

Toll-free: 877-351-8782

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